All works displayed are one-off originals mostly hand- pulled individually thru my etching press. I prefer to collate ideas onto the key block as I ink up and before I pull the plate thru the press.

At times, and more increasingly of late ,I consider further additions directly onto the printed image on the paper.

I am often looking to layer the image with additional relief printing, stencils, offset, stitch or rollering. Quite often the original pulled print involves triple viscosity roller work.

I don't get hung up on whether its classified as a monoprint, monotype, etching or mixed media. The techniques are important and central but the finished artwork /image should hold its own.

I tend to go glassy eyed when people think maybe the process is experimental in an accidental haphazard way. I would beg to differ - its more about informed decision making and choosing /selecting how the work evolves. Just because I don't have a fixed view in my head with loads of master drawings of the final outcome doesn't really inhibit me.

I love colour, exploring techniques and combinations and never get bored with print making or lose my excitement or appreciation of other printmakers work and practices.

I thank the day I came across a Stanley Hayter Book in the library that blew me away and started more determined adventures with expressive printmaking and grateful to the many printers who have shared their practices.